HSR Training Development Resources

For ease and smooth flow of the application process for providers of Health and Safety representative course, it is advised to read the guidelines provided by Work Safe.

16 HSR Training Development Resources

The Work Safe ACT provides guides to HSR training provider applicants. For concerns regarding training development sources, the applicants can search for the document containing the learning outcomes as expected from the five day initial HSR training course. It also consists of the underpinning principles used for the development of HSR courses for training that are Work Safe ACT approved. It is a collection of HSR training development resources and introduces a short overview of the aims in introducing WHS 2012.

Background information about the reinforcing principles for developing regulator-approved HSR training courses is also provided by Work Safe. Mentioned in the guides by Work Safe is the primary aim of WHS legislation model in 2012, which was to ensure both safety regulation and work health to be consistent across jurisdictions. This also goes for workplace representation, consultation and participation arrangements as encouraged by workplace consultative arrangements between workers and the person conducting the business.

The election of HSRs, the formation of Health and Safety Committees as well as the establishment of work groups are made part in the mechanism of workplace consultative arrangements. The aim was to provide a means for discussion and consultation about safety and health in the work area. Also, to control risks and to facilitate identification of the possibilities of harm to the work group members are considered. PCBUs are handed down with duties to consult HSRs for matters of WHS issues.

Though HSRs are not required to attend HSR bridging course, the initial and refresher training courses will allow them to exercise optimum power and provide them with skills and knowledge useful for their work group’s safety and work health issues.

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